1. Having to take a break from painting for a while, so I’m revisiting an old project. Every now and then I come back to it, and revamp it for another version. It’s coming together this time, so hopefully I’ll have stuff to show for it soon.


  2. Magnetizing the large turret in such a way that (hopefully) if I ever get the upgrade pack, I’ll be able to just snap the new gun right into it. There’s a lot of magnets here.

    The side (left) has a magnetized strut for holding the hatch option on the top. This is glued to the inside of the curved wall, and has a shelf on the other end to help glue it onto the back wall when the whole thing goes together.

    The gun mount is magnetized, and the gun has the two lugs cut off and drilled out to fit magnets in.

    The magnets on the front piece allow me to remove it to swap the guns, and (hopefully) to be able to swap it with the more open front from the upgrade pack.

    I also magnetized the periscope, with just a magnet on the bottom. It attaches inside on a magnet on top of a stick of styrene.


  3. That Ork took forever to paint. So many different colours! >.<


  4. Painted the back roof part. I’m working on the mount for the Grabba Claw now. I’ve had the arm and the claw painted for a while, but I’ll wait until it’s all finished before I post photos.


  5. ringtailedslyone:

    I got a new sketchbook, so I’m planning on doing some requests to get me back into sketching again.

    I’ve got 46 followers right now, so I’ll begin taking requests when I hit 50. You don’t have to be a new follower to request anything, if you’ve been there a while, you still get a chance!

    You need to be following me to get a chance. Just send me an ask with what you’d like to see. Anything from a full idea, to a single word for inspiration! I might not accept everything, but I’ll do whatever sounds interesting.

    You can begin requesting now, but I’ll only start once I hit 50 followers. So get asking, guys!

    Not sure if anyone’s here for the artsy side of my minis, but I won’t pass up the chance for a bit of shameless self-advertising.


  6. I just realized I’d magnetized both the Grabba claw and the Grot turret, which means I can do this.


  7. Finished the sunburst pattern. When the ram is removed, the pattern is matched behind it on the front of the cabin.


  8. Since I’m finally painting the roof, I’ve decided on the pattern I’m going to paint onto the front of my Battlewagon. In the end I didn’t go for either the shark mouth or the hot rod flames, but instead went for something based on the sunburst pattern.

    I needed the stripes to end, so I don’t have to cover the whole vehicle in them, so I gave them pointed tips. They’ll have various lengths based on where they go on the vehicle.

    I’m planning to put this on the ram as well, so that it lines up with the pattern on the main body of the vehicle.


  9. I thought I’d do a quick guide to magnetising the mount for the big turret on the Battlewagon as it’s a tough job, and I spent a lot of time with photos and the parts trying to work it out.

    The problem is that the mount fits on both roof parts but in a different orientation, and touching different shapes. I needed to find suitable magnet locations that were common to both the parts. A hard task when one has a massive hole in the middle.

    The second picture has the connections colour coded for you. The magnets in the turret mount are on little styrene shelves, while the ones in the roof parts are set flush with the surface.


  10. These three doors are pretty much all I’ve painted today. That chequerboard one took forever! But it was worth it.