1. All the parts of my first set ready for basing. I used the bricks to hold up the quiver of arrows. (Actually, is it still called a quiver if it’s not worn? A basket of arrows? Huh.) They actually look pretty nice as a base though, so I think I’ll use some more for the other few leftover Skinks.


  2. First bit of my leftover Skinks done. They’re from my Stegadon, where I didn’t use the bow, so I had that left over, too. Unfortunately, because of the kit they came in, the skinks had no bases. I’m doing them in groups on a couple of 50mm bases.


  3. Finished my leftover Grots, so it’s onto the Skinks next, which’ll be a bit more fun as I’ve got that massive crossbow left from the Stegadon.


  4. Next part of my painting marathon. There’s three more to paint, but I’m probably taking a break over the weekend. I also got myself some 50mm square bases, so I can build my leftover skinks with that huge crossbow from the Stegadon.


  5. Second part of my painting marathon is the gun drones from my Tau Crisis Battlesuit.


  6. Huh. Just noticed I’ve hit 100 followers! Thanks, guys! ^.^


  7. solominiatures said: Are you going to chronicle the marathon. I would be interested in following it and maybe jumping in. I tried to blog on a 100 miniatures in 10 days challenge some months ago on my blog but didn't any takers.

    I’ll definitely be posting it all up here, so if you keep an eye on the blog you’ll catch it. I’m currently working on some Tau gun drones from a battlesuit kit, and after that I’ve got some Lizardmen and some 40K Orks (Grots, at least) to go.

    I like the sound of 100 minis in 10 days. That may well be something I want to do in the future. I like structured things like that, with a set deadline. Watch this space, I may well start setting myself some challenges like that. >.O


  8. I’ve decided that I won’t buy any more kits until I finish everything I’ve had sat in my desk for ages. I’ve got sets of figures where I only painted a few, and the rest are still on their sprues, so I’m having a painting marathon for a while.

    First up were my last 3 Dryads. I ended up using them to practice different techniques. Since I painted the other 6, I’ve learned new techniques, but I found that the way I did the glow on my Battlewagon didn’t quite work on such a small scale as this. In the end, thanks to some advice and tips from other painters, I managed to get it working on that third Dryad.

    Now, when I finally get the Treeman kit, I’ll already know the best way to paint it.


  9. Finished the memory stick. After I began gluing the painted parts together, I decided I’d prefer it without the rust/grime, and wanted to make it all shiny again, but it was too late. ono

    But it still looks cool, anyhow. The plastic from the memory stick case was hell to work with ‘cause it had that ‘soft touch’ coating on it, so it didn’t cut or glue very easily.

    If I did it again, I’d pick a stick with nicer plastic, and a less curvy design, to work with. I’m also thinking of making some to sell at some point. Any takers?


  10. I found an old freebie memory stick from my first year at uni, and decided to make it a cool new case. In the end I couldn’t find anything to use as a basis for it, so I’m just customizing the original case.